Mirror, Mirror

It’s all to familiar, that task of picking ourselves apart. We stand in front of the mirror adding up all of our flaws and making a game plan for improvement. It would be so freeing to glance into that mirror, give ourselves an approving smile and move on with our day. The mirror just never seems to let me walk away that easily. Some where between picking at my face and wondering if my muffin top is to over the top in these pants (pun intended). I get sucked into the endless black hole of self evaluation.

Skin discoloration, I need a lighting cream and maybe some laser treatments.

Fine lines, injectable fillers here I come.

Grey hairs, thank the hair gods I’m a hairdresser.

Adult acne, put the call in to the dermatologist (maybe they can see me in six months)

Cottage cheese thighs, where to even begin!

How can one possibly change the self deprecating recording in our head if every time we look in the mirror we confirm that recording is true. If we could only truly not be bothered by what is staring back at us.

I have put posted notes on the mirrors in my house that read things like “Give yourself a compliment” and “Ease up, your looking good”. I’m determined to view myself in a positive way, I’m dedicated to reclaiming my attributes, I know there my Mom told me so, LOL.

Top 3 questioned I’m asked…

The top three questions I’m asked when someone finds out I’m a hairdresser, theses are my answers.

1. What would you do with my hair?

~ Are you looking for a change? Here’s my card give me a call and we can set up a consultation. What I’m really thinking, but won’t say… We are in Target, my screaming 3 year old is pulling at me and I’m not sure I brushed my teeth.

2. Are the expensive hair products really better?

~Yes, but it doesn’t mean they are the right products for you. Trial and error of hair products is an important process, but it does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. Here’s my card, email me your hair concerns and I’ll give you some suggestions, cause it’s Friday night and I’m two drinks in and hanging with my hubby (who probably is sick of all my beauty talk).

3. Who does your hair?

~ Erin Otte, here’s her card. I love her she does amazing work. This answer has no side comment the voice in my head never has anything to add when I’m asked this question.

I eat, breath, and sleep hair. Hair is always on my mind. My head is full of useful information that I share freely when I’m not distracted by my everyday life. I believe everyone can have great hair (maybe not the hair you dreamed of, but your own hair that is great).