I’ve been Living In An Addicts World

I’ve done the work, I continue todo the work, I have a great therapist. This post is about my moments of clarity. If you are reading this and connecting with me, I am with you. If you are wondering what’s wrong with me, you and I are in different places, and that’s ok. 

There are moments that I have as a loved one of an addict that linger and haunt me. Full disclosure, there are so many I’ve lost track. The particular one that stands out for me, the one where the downward spiral ended, was when I realized I was working harder for his sobriety than he was.

My ability to read a situation and problem solve was not an attribute rather an achilles heal. To say those things out loud, to acknowledge I could not veer him from his path, was devastating. A switch was flipped. I no longer felt responsible for him, his actions, his excuses. A wieght lifted. (Insert audible sigh) “I’m going to be in charge of myself and my kiddo that’s it.” became my mantra. If all that wasn’t  hard enough to swallow I had an “ah ha” moment that kicked me where it hurts. I’m part of the problem not the solution.

Sweet Mary and Joseph!!! “I’m part of the problem”. At this point I wasn’t sure which way was up.

If you have your very own addict you know my struggle. If you are knew to the world of addiction buckle your seat belt. Addiction slowly sneaks into our lives. It quietly twist things around. It invokes fear and sadness, delivering confusion and angry. Then when it feels like you can’t take any more the family implodes and the real tragedy begins. 

The break down of love and compassion. All the life we’ve lived, the life that made us us, criticized and ridiculed. We tourtured each other emotionally, placed blame. We pulled apart and strangled all that was sacred to us. The things we said, the nasty way we spoke to each other… I wouldn’t change a thing.

All that has happened has brought me to a place of understanding that I never would have gotten to if it wasn’t for the long drawn out process of getting myself to this place of self awareness.

My husband came home from rehab. (lost count of how many times he’s gone). He left broken, he came home a different kind of broken. He’s was angry and lost and willing to give it all up as long as he didn’t have to work at sobriety. Didn’t have to face the self hate he carried.

What happened next… I never saw it coming and I really had thought I’d seen it all.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been Living In An Addicts World

  1. Nicole Pugliese says:

    I love that you are shedding light on something that so many want to keep in the darkness. Addiction is a family illness and this concept is sometimes hard for the addict to understand. From someone who has lived with and loved an addict I appreciate your words. I am with you…..

    Liked by 1 person

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