My Big Girl Pants are Giving Me a Wedgie

It all starts with a thought, an idea that will propel my business forward. Then the next thing I know I’m overwhelmed and begging for it to be over. I believe I have a sickness LOL, not really. These ideas come to mind and if I don’t act on them they keep me up at night. They nag at any remaining space in my thoughts till I just have to find  away to make these ideas happen.

~Join a business building group! Why not, I can fit it in somewhere. Who knew there would be weekly task that would push me so far out of my comfort zone I’d need a map to get back.

~Salon expansion! Sure, so easy to add a third chair to 230 sq. ft. It was 6 days of living hell and it looks amazing. Yup the phone hasn’t found a new home yet, but it will along with all of the other loose ends. Some how it all seems to come together.

~Raise my soon to be 4 yr old, she’ll never remember I was to busy for her, right… I thank my lucky stars I’ve got the flexibility to change my schedule to be with her more. Starting that in August, I promise.

~Of corse it’s time to hire an assistant at the salon. Lets go out and give talks to the local hair dressing schools so we can find the right person for sugar.  Please let the girl we like want the job.

I’ll never stop pushing myself, it’s just who I am. I’m always learning how to improve on my time management and I’m always striving to be thoughtful about how my days are spent. One things for certain my big girl pants are giving me a wedgie this week.

I do it all for this girl:)


It Takes A Village

THANK YOU family! THANK YOU friends! THANK YOU clients! A very special THANK YOU to Brad and Hadley… You all inspire me to dream, to settle for nothing less than happiness. Your willingness to be dragged along on my journey has meant so very much to me.

It would be arrogant to think I’d ever be able to make a go at this life alone. That I’d accomplish and amount to anything with out a close team of family and friends to help me do so.

I have been pushing hard to make big things happen (dreams). I have so many goals set for myself I’ve pushed aside milestones. I’ve sometimes forgotten to breath and thank the wonderful people around me for their constant support (I’m sending thank you notes right after I post this).

It’s unreal to believe in yourself. Self doubt is second nature, and if I’m not sick to my stomach with anxiety I’m worried about why I’m not sick with anxiety. Cruel joke right?! Or is this the formal that keeps me moving forward, the steps that keep me asking the universe “what next”, I drive myself crazy:) I cry a ton (alone in my car).

I’m head first into a new project and I’ve paused to evaluate weather to continue or to throw in the towel. I spent the day with my kiddo enjoying Mother’s day and in the back of my mind, all day, this thing (new project) has been nagging at me. I was on the edge of quitting and an email came in. It was in response to a generator letter my salon director sent out. The respond was positive and just like that I’m back in the game. Thank you Carla!

It truly takes a village… I’m convinced now more than ever. I would be nothing with out my village. I love my village! I am messy, I’m successful, and I’m blessed. I am a women with a village. I wouldn’t have it any other way.